Monday, October 12, 2015

"Praise God" Video Devotion

"Praise God" is the title of this KJV video devotion from Psalm 150, verses 1 through 6. Today we complete an in-depth series of devotions on the Psalms called, "First Love." It is fitting that the Psalms end with this glorious Psalm of praise, calling us to praise God in everything we do and say. We are to praise God when we are in His house of worship, praise Him as we behold His power in all of creation, praise Him for the mighty acts He has done on our behalf, and praise Him for His greatness. We are called to praise Him with musical instruments, with the timbrel and dance, and even on the loud cymbals. Then, not only mankind, but everything that has breath is called to praise the Lord!

God Bless You,

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