Saturday, October 03, 2015

"He Delights" Video Devotion

"He Delights" is the title of this KJV video devotion from Psalm 147, verses 10 and 11. It is obvious that we do not love or delight in the same things that God loves or delights in. We, as the Psalmist states, would delight in the strength of the horse (or in our day, the horsepower of our cars or trucks), as well as a handsome man or a beautiful woman. As a matter of fact, outward beauty almost takes precedence over all other things, with riches coming in as a very close second, when trying to determine the worth of a fellow human being. Obviously we have our priorities in the wrong place! Yet God is not like man. He delights or takes pleasure in those that fear Him--in those that hope in His mercy. Just take a moment and ponder that thought. If you are a believer, then God delights in you!

God Bless You,

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