Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"What Is Man?" Video Devotion

"What Is Man?" is the title of this KJV video devotion from Psalm 144, verses 3 and 4. When the ugly sin of pride lifts its self in our hearts and lives, we would do well to read Psalm 144, verse 3: LORD, what is man, that thou takest knowledge of him! The same sentiment is also expressed in Psalm 8, verse 4, as the Psalmist, David, bares his heart to the Lord. Oh, how quickly pride can rule over our beings, and oh, what devastation it leaves in its wake! Let us, then, join David in giving all praise and honor to this great and wondrous God we serve. Go, today, in His strength and power, and live for His honor and glory.

God Bless You,

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