Thursday, September 10, 2015

"The Enemy" Video Devotion

"The Enemy" is the title of this KJV video devotion from Psalm 143, verses 3 and 4. Who is the enemy? That was not a hard question for David; the enemy sought his life. Often wearied by the continual attacks upon his life, David felt the grief of these attacks even to the very depths of his soul, to the point that he was simply overwhelmed. Perhaps one of the greatest difficulties of being a Christian in the 21st century is that we do not really understand who our enemies really are! Living from day to day we have become so accustomed to our environment that we do not see the inherent dangers we face in every day life. Oh, we may not face a physical attack upon our lives, but we certainly do face a very real attack upon our souls.

God Bless You,

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