Friday, November 30, 2012

Thy Lovingkindness, Thy Judgment

 149Hear my voice according unto thy lovingkindness: O LORD, quicken me according to thy judgment.
 150They draw nigh that follow after mischief: they are far from thy law.
 151Thou art near, O LORD; and all thy commandments are truth.
 152Concerning thy testimonies, I have known of old that thou hast founded them for ever. 
(Psalm 119:149-152, King James Version)

Thy Lovingkindness, Thy Judgment

We do not tend to have difficulty embracing God's love, but it is not always as easy to embrace God's judgment. The writer of Psalm 119, however, understood that there is a proper balance between both. Both are necessary for us who are entrenched in a sin darkened world. God's love is our foundation; no matter how bleak things are for us, we see the utter goodness and love of God and are encouraged to continue on for Him. Yet, it is God's judgment which provides the prod we need to keep us focused on living this life for Him and not according to the pleasures of this world.

The Psalmist reminds us that the world is not driven by the fear of God, but follows after wickedness with no concern for obedience to God's commandments. Dismissing the existence of God, or redefining a god who is more of their choosing, they live their lives focused only upon themselves and what they can amass for themselves.

It is a great temptation, even for believers, to loose sight of our true purpose. Thus the Psalmist reminds himself that no matter what happens God is always right there beside us. No matter how things may seem in this life, God's commandments are true.

We must not become discouraged when we find ourselves going through times of doubt, Instead, let us pray that God will strengthen us so that we keep our eyes focused on Christ. It is Christ who has saved us, it is Christ who has given us new life, and it is through the power of Christ, alone, that we live our lives for His glory. Like the Psalmist, let us draw near to God who is always right there with us no matter where we go.

This is not a popular message in our culture today. We live in a time when most are rushing as far away from the "control" of God, while seeking to grab as many of the pleasures this life they can. At the same time, we see that people are miserable. With no meaning to life, and happiness always just out of reach, they have nowhere to turn for comfort or guidance.

The Psalmist closes this section reminding himself that he has known that God has founded His testimonies forever. There is the truth! We can embrace and cling to God's testimonies which were born even before time began and will last forever--long after time shall be no more. Let us lift up our eyes and focus them on Christ who is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Everything in this world will pass away, What then? Only what we have done to prepare for eternity will matter. Go to Christ now, for now is the acceptable time; now is the day of salvation.

God Bless You,

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