Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sanctuary and Dominion!

 1When Israel went out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of strange language;
 2Judah was his sanctuary, and Israel his dominion. 
(Psalm 114:1-2, King James Version)

Sanctuary and Dominion!

For the nation of Israel, their time of trouble was ended. Dominated for 400 years by the Egyptians, freedom was to be given to them at last. God, Himself, would walk with them and live among them. Judah was to become His sanctuary--the place where His holiness and righteousness would be made known to all the earth. His dominion would cover the nation of Israel. He was to be their King, their Help, and their Fortress forever!

No such thing had happened since the beginning of time when God walked with Adam and Eve. Sin had so removed the presence of God from the earth, that God only appeared to a small group of people. Beginning with Abraham, a new nation was born which had a distinct relationship with God as their Caretaker.

Then, hundreds of years after God appeared to Abraham, the nation of Israel was born. It was not a quiet birth, however. Instead, God revealed Himself magnificently before the Egyptians, so that not one person doubted His ability to care for His people. God, who was unlimited in power and might, overcame the mighty nation of Egypt, and freed His people in a vast show of His authority over even the forces of nature.

The writer of Psalm 114 leaves no doubt that Israel was God's masterpiece; to them, alone, He revealed His holiness, His righteousness, His goodness, and His truth. As we read through these first 2 verses of Psalm 114, we must ask the question, to whom do we go as our sanctuary? Who has dominion over our lives?

All men are ruled by God or by Satan--there is no other! Whether we acknowledge this or not, the truth is stated as an obvious fact in God's Word. When man was created, he was under the care and protection of God. Casting aside God's rule, however, Adam and Eve cast the entire creation under the forces of evil by their sinning against God. In one decisive moment, Satan gained a world!

Yet, under the shadow of that hopeless event, God brought hope to all of mankind.
 15And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. (Genesis 3:15, King James Version)
Genesis 3:15 admits that Satan would bruise the heel of Christ, yet Christ would bruise Satan's head. In other words, sin came into the world, with Satan seeking to destroy God's beautiful creation, but in the end, he failed. Through Christ, man has a sanctuary; through Christ, man can be put under the dominion of God rather than the dominion of Satan.

Apart from God, there is no hope, but in Christ, all of the riches of heaven are made available to the children of God. What God began through the nation of Israel, He completes at the end of time when all of His own children are brought under His eternal care.

Let us then, in the strength and power of God, turn to Him. For He, alone, is able to save us. He, alone, can grant to us eternal life in the kingdom of heaven. In Him, alone, can we find sanctuary and dominion!

God Bless You,

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