Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Silencing Sin

 39Again, they are diminished and brought low through oppression, affliction, and sorrow.
 40He poureth contempt upon princes, and causeth them to wander in the wilderness, where there is no way.
 41Yet setteth he the poor on high from affliction, and maketh him families like a flock.
 42The righteous shall see it, and rejoice: and all iniquity shall stop her mouth. 

Silencing Sin

To whom is the Psalmist referring in verses 39-40? Who are the princes?
Again, they are minished and brought low through oppression, affliction, and sorrow. He poureth contempt upon princes, and causeth them to wander in the wilderness, where there is no way.
In a congregation of over a million, one would expect a mixture of righteous and unrighteous. After all, God says elsewhere in His Word. They are not all Israel, which are of Israel.(Romans 9:6, KJV) In other words, not all those in the visible church are true children of God. The same is true in our churches today. The visible church is a mixture of believers and unbelievers, for though all may profess to believe, God sees the belief or lack of belief in their hearts.

God is referring to the Children of Israel who wandered in the wilderness for 40 years. The princes were the heads of each of the 12 tribes. In essence, God is saying, "Though many of you may despise me and receive my contempt, I know my true sheep. Though they may be poor and afflicted by you, I will bless them; I will give them families like a flock."

What effect does God's actions have on the righteous? The righteous see it, understand that God is demonstrating His love for the poor and faithful, and rejoice in the goodness of God. How do the unrighteous receive God's actions? God's actions have the effect of silencing sin: And all iniquity shall stop her mouth.

What an important lesson for us to internalize; when we look around us and see such an imbalance of power, i.e. we see the wicked prospering and getting away with their wicked deeds, while the righteous are oppressed on every side--when we see such an imbalance of power, we must understand that God sees everything. In the end, all will be made right.

As Christians, what a reminder that we are not to fret or worry about the deeds of this world. Let us not spend our lives trying to establish our own good name, or clear our name if it has been muddied. Let us, instead, spend our lives reaching out to the poor and afflicted, praising God for all that comes our way. For we understand, that God may be glorified much more through our afflictions than He would be if life sailed along smoothly and effortlessly.

In other words, we must love God more than we love ourselves. In faith, let us remember that nothing happens apart from God's Almighty will and power. In trouble we look to Him, knowing that He will do what is perfect and right. Often it is not what we would do, but we see such a tiny particle of the whole panorama of man's history. As the Bible says, we see through a glass darkly, but soon we will see Christ face to face and all will be made clear.

Go today, then, and remember that it is the duty of God to be silencing sin. Trust Him and live this day for His glory alone!

God Bless You,

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