Wednesday, May 16, 2012

But Thou!

 8Mine enemies reproach me all the day; and they that are mad against me are sworn against me.
 9For I have eaten ashes like bread, and mingled my drink with weeping.
 10Because of thine indignation and thy wrath: for thou hast lifted me up, and cast me down.
 11My days are like a shadow that declineth; and I am withered like grass.
 12But thou, O LORD, shall endure for ever; and thy remembrance unto all generations. 

But Thou!

Is there anyone more miserable than our psalmist? His enemies reproach him all the day, they have sworn an oath against him, he goes about in sackcloth and ashes, his tears are mingled with his drink, his days seem to decline rather than advance, and he is withered, like the grass! His misery seems to be complete, for he is at the point that there is no good thing left in his life.

Few of us have reached such a point in our lives, though we can certainly identify with his discouragement and depression. Is there no hope for this poor child of God? Will his life end in this state of misery? Two words change the entire direction of this psalm: "But Thou!"

That makes all the difference. Surely our lives are filled with difficulties and troubles, even to the point of wondering if all of life will be like this, until we come to the cross of Christ and say, "But Thou!"
"But thou, O LORD, shall endure for ever; and thy remembrance unto all generations.
What is our life? James tells us, For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. (James 4:14, KJV) 

It is so important that, as Christians, we keep a proper perspective on our lives. What has Christ done for us? How does that compare to the suffering we experience on this earth? If we should suffer every single day of our lives, what is that compared to what Christ has done for us? Though the days of pain and agony may seem to stretch out before us, they are, compared to eternity, but a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.

When we seem to be overcome with the trials of life let us look to Christ, for our Lord will endure for ever. We are not cast into this world and left alone, but rather, as children of God, Christ never leaves our side.

The beauty of this psalm is the order of events. Life did not suddenly improve, and then the psalmist remembered God. Even while he was still in the middle of all of his difficulties, with no end in sight, the psalmist remembered God and was comforted. 

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. He that began a good work by granting us faith, will never leave our side as we walk through the good, as well as difficult days of this life, and it is He who will bring us safely into His kingdom where we will live forever!

What can the world offer to us? Nothing! There is nothing in this world that compares to the glories given to us in Christ Jesus! Like the psalmist, let us lift our eyes on high. When life seems to overwhelm us, and we cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel, may we cry out, "But Thou--but Thou oh Lord my God are all I need."

God Bless You,

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