Monday, May 14, 2012

Answer Me Speedily!

 1Hear my prayer, O LORD, and let my cry come unto thee.
 2Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thine ear unto me: in the day when I call answer me speedily. 

Answer Me Speedily!

Do you hear the desperation in those words? Answer me now, Lord! Answer me speedily! How do we have a right to speak in such a manner to God, the Creator of the universe? Who are we? How can we be assured that God even hears us, much less answers our cry?

Some teach that the Christian life is filled with happiness, peace, and joy, but why, then, am I consumed with troubles? What happened to the peace, happiness, and joy? Seven questions! What is the answer to those seven questions?

As Christians, we have an amazing relationship with God, the Father, as well as God the Son, and, of course, God, the Spirit. God the Spirit lives within our hearts, guiding us in the way we should go, and opening our eyes and ears of understanding as we study the Word of God, worship the Lord, and spend quiet times of prayer and meditation with God. 

God the Son came to this earth and gave up His life so that He might pay the debt of our sin and open a way to God the Father. He now sits beside God the Father making intercession for us. How amazing is that?

God the Father loves us with a love that is inexpressible, for it has no bounds. Because of the sacrifice of Christ on our behalf, He does not see our sins, but sees the righteousness of Christ. This is the God we serve! Even the Angels in heaven are amazed at God and the love He shows to His children.

As Christians who spends time meditating and communing with God, we have every right to expect God to answer us when we are in trouble. Indeed, even before we ask, God is already coming to our aid, for God's children are not only surrounded by the love of Christ, but God's servants, the Angels are sent to care for and protect the children of God. 

The Christian who is not in the habit of taking a regular time each day to fellowship with God does not know that sweet communion, but as God's child still has the same love and care given to him or her which is due to all of the saints of God. It is through such times that Christians see God's hand of love upon them and grow in their relationship with Him, and experience the sweet love that communion with the Lord brings.

Why is the Christian life filled with troubles? What happened to the joy and peace? God loves us so much that He gently shepherds us through this life, often allowing troubles to strengthen our faith in Him. It is through the difficult times that we learn how precious is our faith in the Lord, and how complete is His comfort. God also allows trials to come to His children so that we will remember that this world is not our home. Our home is with the Lord, and the day will come when we will be ushered into His kingdom to live with Him forever!

Just as an aside, think for a moment of the dear saint of God who wrote this Psalm. God has certainly answered His prayers, has He not? Right at this very moment, he is in heaven with the Lord and with all the saints of God who have lived before us.

When the difficult times come, do not be afraid to cry out to God, "Answer me speedily!" God hears all of the prayers of His children, and help is already on the way when they cry out to Him.

What an amazing God we serve!

God Bless You,

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