Monday, April 16, 2012

Exalted Horn

 10But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn: I shall be anointed with fresh oil.
 11Mine eye also shall see my desire on mine enemies, and mine ears shall hear my desire of the wicked that rise up against me. 

Exalted Horn

At a time when the Word of God is prolific throughout the world, I am amazed at how little we seem to understand of this God we serve. Here, again, we see an example of the great understanding the psalmist had of who God is and how He exalts and protects His children.

Where is the country today in this world in which we live that truly exalts the name of God, and understands that all of their glory and success comes from the hand of Almighty God? We live in an age when all glory and honor goes to man. We fail to understand that all that man accomplishes would come to nothing apart from God. Indeed, how have our advancements and discoveries benefited this world in which we live? Rather than to have benefited from them, we seem to be on the brink of international disaster!

Just as the unicorn (the wild ox) is exalted with his single horn of honor, so are we exalted in the Lord God. Just as the wild ox has done nothing to gain that horn, so have we done nothing to deserve the honor that God grants to us. How different might our world be today if men truly understood their proper state before God? Rather than warring among each other to see who is greatest, what would our world be like if we all bowed the knee before God and worked together to preserve this beautiful world God has given to us?

[As an aside--the word "unicorn" is the same as that given to the single-horned rhinoceros. Among the several species of rhinoceros in our world today, there are two that have only one horn. While they are rare in our day, they were quite common in the day Psalm 92 was written.]

How God hates pride, and yet is there any sin which seems to rear its ugly head to the surface more frequently? Thinking upon our own lives, how many arguments might have been prevented if we could just have controlled our own inordinate pride. Pride caused the downfall of Satan, and continues to poison and embitter humanity today. 

As Christians, then, let us pray that God would help us defeat our own pride so that we might rightly honor and magnify His name. When we are one with God, giving Him all the honor and glory He deserves, He will subdue all of our enemies. It sounds so simple, and yet we spend most of our lives just battling our own sins. How glorious heaven will be when we will sin no more!

God Bless You,

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