Friday, March 16, 2012

No Doubt!

 6Give ear, O LORD, unto my prayer; and attend to the voice of my supplications.
 7In the day of my trouble I will call upon thee: for thou wilt answer me. 

No Doubt!

Do you hear any doubt in David's words in Psalm 86? No, there is no doubt in his mind. He does not say, "In the day of my trouble you may answer me." He says, "In the day of my trouble I will call upon thee: for thou wilt answer me."

This is the God we serve. He is available 24/7, and is ready to hear, and ready to answer, the pleas of help from His children. That reminds me of the time Elijah challenged the worshipers of Baal to a duel.
 24And call ye on the name of your gods, and I will call on the name of the LORD: and the God that answereth by fire, let him be God. And all the people answered and said, It is well spoken.
 25And Elijah said unto the prophets of Baal, Choose you one bullock for yourselves, and dress it first; for ye are many; and call on the name of your gods, but put no fire under.
 26And they took the bullock which was given them, and they dressed it, and called on the name of Baal from morning even until noon, saying, O Baal, hear us. But there was no voice, nor any that answered. And they leaped upon the altar which was made.
 27And it came to pass at noon, that Elijah mocked them, and said, Cry aloud: for he is a god; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or peradventure he sleepeth, and must be awaked.
 28And they cried aloud, and cut themselves after their manner with knives and lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them.
 29And it came to pass, when midday was past, and they prophesied until the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice, that there was neither voice, nor any to answer, nor any that regarded. (1 Kings 18:24-29, King James Version)
After praying all day, from morning until the time of the evening sacrifice, the worshipers of Baal received no answer from their god. You will remember, then, that Elijah arranged his altar to God, and poured water all over the sacrifice and the wood, not just once, but three times. Then, what happened?
 36And it came to pass at the time of the offering of the evening sacrifice, that Elijah the prophet came near, and said, LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel, let it be known this day that thou art God in Israel, and that I am thy servant, and that I have done all these things at thy word.
 37Hear me, O LORD, hear me, that this people may know that thou art the LORD God, and that thou hast turned their heart back again.
 38Then the fire of the LORD fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench. (1 Kings 18:36-38, King James Version)
Elijah's God is the same God we worship today. He is just as ready today as He was for Elijah. Call upon God today, and He will save you, keep you, and bring you safely into His kingdom at the end of your days upon this earth. There is nothing more glorious than living your life committed to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 

No doubt!

God Bless You,

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