Monday, December 12, 2011

Goodness of God

 7O God, when thou wentest forth before thy people, when thou didst march through the wilderness; Selah:
 8The earth shook, the heavens also dropped at the presence of God: even Sinai itself was moved at the presence of God, the God of Israel.
 9Thou, O God, didst send a plentiful rain, whereby thou didst confirm thine inheritance, when it was weary.
 10Thy congregation hath dwelt therein: thou, O God, hast prepared of thy goodness for the poor. 

Goodness of God
It must have been an incredible time! The children of Israel, as many in number as the stars in the sky, marched through the desert for 40 years! In all of that time God appeared to them as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. The earth shook with His presence, at His command manna fell from the heavens, and even Mt Sinai itself was moved by the God of Israel.

In such a time as this, how could they ever forget the goodness of God? When they were thirsty, He provided water; when they were hungry, He provided food; and He stood before them in great splendor as a visual reminder that He would always care for them, the rich and poor alike.

We know all of this; it is plainly written in the pages of the Old Testament. Why then are we so prone to forget the goodness of God? Why are we so quick to charge God foolishly when things do not go in a way that would seem right in our own eyes? How do we dare raise our fists before God and ask Him to give us a reason for the decisions He makes?

Do remember what Solomon said in Ecclesiastes? "There is nothing new under the sun." Though God walked right there beside the children of Israel, when it came time to go into the land, they shrunk back in doubt and fear, refusing to enter the land of the giants. In His anger against their lack of faith, they wandered for 40 years until that entire generation had passed away. 

We have the whole Word of God before us, both the Old and New Testaments. We understand how God revealed Himself through His chosen people, Israel. Time and again He saved them from enemies, yet still they dabbled with the foreign gods, adding them to their own religious practices. In the New Testament we are shown our Savior, who came to this earth to save us from the sin which would cast us into eternal condemnation forever.

With God's plan laid out before us, we still dare to rebel against Him. We still have a tendency to dabble in the things of the world, adding its wicked pleasures into the mix of our service to God. Just as God was not pleased with His people then, so He is not pleased with us today when we reject the goodness of God for the things of this world.

God desires a holy people, set apart from the temptations of this world, who love Him from the depths of their hearts. To these He does, indeed, show His goodness. From a worldly standpoint, God's people often seem to have the most difficult lives, however, the joy, peace, and contentment they experience is worth more than all the treasures of this earth. 

As we near the end of another calendar year, as His children, let us reflect upon the goodness of God that has and continues to be poured upon us through Jesus, our Priceless Treasure.

What an amazing God we serve!

God Bless You,

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