Monday, November 07, 2011

My Soul Waits

 1Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from him cometh my salvation.
 2He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defence; I shall not be greatly moved. 

My Soul Waits
Therein lies our greatest problem, does it not? Does our soul wait? Does our soul wait for God? 

Waiting is certainly not one of our strong points, yet, as Christians, we often find ourselves in positions of needing to do just that--wait! When difficulties arise, practically without thinking, we set our minds to solving the problem. That is not bad, in and of itself, but before we began to seek out an answer do we ask the Lord what He would have us do?

The words from Psalm 62, written by David, are certainly born out of his own life experiences. He knew that from God, and only from God, came his salvation. In the middle of the greatest trials of life, God was right there, standing as a rock, ready to come to his defense.

We know that these things are true, and we know that this same God is our God, who walks with us wherever we go. However, often we find ourselves cowering in fear, afraid of the future when the winds of turmoil blow upon us. 

In my country, one the greatest difficulties we are facing is the lack of jobs. My husband just found out that 95 people are going to be let go because there is not enough work. Of course, our first thought was, what will we do if my husband is one of the 95? Upon reflection, we came to the realization that it is God who provides for us, not the company for which my husband works.

Are we right to worry, or is worry just a sign of a lack of trust in our faithful God? We know the rest of the story when we read of the plights of David, because his story has been written centuries ago. Our story, however, is gradually being revealed a day, an hour, and a moment at a time. Can we say with David, "My soul waits for God."? 

Yes, we can and we must wait upon God. Just as He was David's rock and salvation, so is God our rock and salvation today. In the thousands of years that have gone by since the time of David, God's arm has not been shortened. We are fighting the same battles between the people of God and the people of this world who live their lives apart from God.

We must remember that, in actuality, the battle is already done; Christ has already won the victory. Through Christ's death and resurrection, our futures in eternity were sealed forever. We may not know what specific troubles will comes in the years we remain on this earth, but we know that our God is God. There is none like Him, and none can stay His hand.

Let us then, join David in saying, "My soul waits upon God, and no matter what happens, I shall not be greatly moved!

God Bless You,

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