Sunday, October 10, 2010


Just wanted to let you know that I am taking what I hope is just a short vacation. We have had three family emergencies in the last week and a half involving my daughter, my husband, and now my father-in-law. My daughter is doing well, my husband is not doing very well, and my father-in-law has another surgery tomorrow with not a very good prognosis.

In the mean time, please avail yourselves of the devotions in my archives (there are over 1000 now), and also feel free to visit my web-site, Devotional Reflections from the Bible.

In Christ,


g said...

we will remember you in our prayers. Thank you for all the words of wisdom and encouragement you share with us.

God Bless You and move in a mighty way in your family right now. In Jesus Name.


Anonymous said...


Last week I started looking at your writing. (I have checked before that everyday to read and then checked when you took time off) However, last week I felt impressed to check everyday and everyday that nothing is written I pray for you. Do you have another email that people can send you a message without it going to the world?

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please especially be with Linda today. Please give her the strength, love, peace and whatever she needs to get thru the day.

In Jesus name. Amen"

Linda Croft said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you to you, and to others, who have so kindly sent emails. You cannot know how much your prayers have meant to me. God has used you in ways you cannot know to give me strength and encouragement.

May Jesus Christ be praised!
God Bless You,