Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weary Labor

15 The labor of fools wearies them,
For they do not even know how to go to the city!
16 Woe to you, O land, when your king is a child,
And your princes feast in the morning!
17 Blessed are you, O land, when your king is the son of nobles,
And your princes feast at the proper time—
For strength and not for drunkenness!
18 Because of laziness the building decays,
And through idleness of hands the house leaks.
(Ecclesiastes 10:15-18, New King James Version)

Weary Labor

How do we view labor? Our answer to that question reveals much about who we really are. Children often feel that anything that is "work" is to be avoided at all costs. The wise parents are the ones who not only teach their children to work, but also teach them that work can be fun and very rewarding. Work is not just weary labor!

We may expect children to respond to work in this way, but woe to the land whose rulers are still children, not in the literal sense of the word, but in their actions and attitudes toward labor. If the attitude of the ruler is, "Party on, dude!" that country is in trouble.

Of course, this is not a concern just for the rulers of the land. Each of us must learn to fight our natural tendency toward idleness as we are reminded in Ecclesiastes 10, verse 18.

Because of laziness the building decays,
And through idleness of hands the house leaks.

Owning one's own home is a great privilege, but it does not take long to learn that a home is a constant drain on one's time and money. Without continual upkeep and care, the building will decay and the roof will leak.

Do you think these things apply to our spiritual lives as well? Of course they do! How much care do we give to our spiritual nurturing and walk with the Lord? How much time are we willing to devote to Bible reading, Bible study, and prayer? As Christians, we often take our freedom to read the Word and worship God for granted, feeling as though Bible study and prayer is weary labor.

Let us pray that God would help us to keep our spiritual houses strong and free from the decay of sin, so that our roofs will not leak, allowing the cares of this world to pour into our hearts and lives.

God Bless You,

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