Thursday, July 15, 2010


1 The words of the Preacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem.
(Ecclesiastes 1:1, New King James Version)

Ecclesiastes 1

Ecclesiastes is one of those Old Testament books that we rarely seem to consider unless we are reading through the entire Bible, and yet it is a book of extreme importance in our world today.

Solomon, the son of David, calls himself the Preacher in this book. I find that rather interesting. Why do you suppose he did that? I really do not have a definitive answer, but I think he was implying that we should listen and consider the message given in this book.

Why should we listen to a dead King from centuries ago? To answer that, I would ask, "What do we know about this king?"

*He was known as the wisest man in the world.
*He was known as the richest king in the world.
*He ruled during a time of great peace and prosperity for his nation.
*This peace and prosperity ended with his death.
*After the death of Solomon, the kingdom was divided, never to be united again.

There are many other things we know about Solomon, but let us just think of these things for the moment. Where do we go for advice? To whose advice do we listen? Are we more apt to listen to a homeless man on the street, or the wealthiest man we know? Are we more likely to seek advice from a high school drop out, or from a well educated man or woman? Are we more likely to listen to a world leader who leads his country through times of peace and prosperity, or one who leads his country into chaos and destruction?

I think you probably see the direction in which I am heading. Not only in the time of Solomon, but ever since, there has never been such a king, who possessed such wisdom, such wealth, and who brought such peace and prosperity to his country. Best of all, we can read a book, written by this king, dealing with his philosophical discoveries of life. He had the means to try everything possible to possess happiness, and he did. However, his search for happiness was much more fleeting than he realized.

Tomorrow we will begin Ecclesiastes 1; I hope you will have an opportunity to read the entire first chapter. I plan on moving through the book rather slowly with the goal of understanding our own Christian lives much better.

See you tomorrow!

God Bless You,

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