Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Poor Widow

1And he looked up, and saw the rich men casting their gifts into the treasury.
2And he saw also a certain poor widow casting in thither two mites.
3And he said, Of a truth I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all:
4For all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God: but she of her penury hath cast in all the living that she had.

Luke 21:1-4, King James Version

When Jesus commends this poor widow in the above passage is He saying that we should give every penny we have to Him? Is Jesus only speaking of money? These are good questions to ponder. How should we apply this passage to our own lives?

First, we must remember that we look on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart. This woman, out of her full and complete love for Christ, cast in the two mites that she had. When we give to the work of God, do we do so grudgingly? Do we tithe only because we have to? In 2 Corinthians 9:7 God tells us, Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

Is Jesus only speaking of money? When I was a child I remember learning in Sunday School the 3 T's of Giving: Time, Talent, and Treasure.

When we give our tithe to the Lord have we taken care of the debt we owe to Him? How do you spend your time? Do you go to church once or twice on a Sunday and then put your Bible away until the next Sunday? What about the talents and abilities God has given to you? How do you use these for the work of God? These are tough questions which can make us feel quite uncomfortable.

Truly, nothing that we could ever do could pay the debt we owe to Christ. God knows our propensity to selfishness; He also knows that true joy and peace for His children come from spending time in His Word and in prayer.

The words of a familiar hymn really say it all:

O for a closer walk with God,
A calm and heavenly frame,
A light to shine upon the road
That leads me to the Lamb!

Where is the blessedness I knew

When first I sought the Lord?
Where is the soul refreshing view
Of Jesus and His Word?

What peaceful hours I once enjoyed!
How sweet their memory still!
But they have left an aching void
The world can never fill.

The dearest idol I have known,
What e'er that idol be,
Help me to tear it from Thy throne
And worship only Thee.

So shall my walk be close with God,
Calm and serene my frame;
So purer light shall mark the road
That leads me to the Lamb.


God Bless You,

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